Using Cameras with ILLIXR

ILLIXR supports a wide range of cameras, most of which are for the purpose of feeding images and IMU measurements to the system.
To learn more about how it works, checkout Getting Started.
If you are interested in what topics these cameras feed into, checkout ILLIXR plugins.

Important Note:
Before running any of these plugins below, it is important to comment out offline_cam and offline_imu in configs\native.yaml.

Add Calibration Parameters

In order to add your camera's calibration extrinsics, you need to modify your choice of SLAM/VIO plugin. Follow these instructions to modify a plugin.

  • OpenVINS:

    Navigate to ov_msckf/src.
    Uncomment this line out in slam2.cpp in order to use ZED's calibration parameter for OpenVins.
    You can add your own calibration parameters in the same file.

ZED Mini

  1. Install ZED SDK

    Install the latest version of the ZED SDK on
    For more information, checkout the ZED API documentation.

  2. Get ZED's calibration parameters

    Both OpenVINS have a decent calibration parameters for ZED. But if you wish to add your own:


    Your original factory calibration file is stored here


    Or download it from

  3. Enable ZED in OpenVINS plugin

    This step is only required if using OpenVINS. Uncomment this line in the OpenVINS plugin.

  4. Run ILLIXR with ZED:

    Uncomment zed in configs/rt_slam_plugins.yaml and run ILLIXR normally.

Intel Realsense

ILLIXR has been tested with Inteal RealSense D455, but it should work with any D or T series RealSense Camera.

  1. Install librealsense (if you haven't already):

    Instruction on how to install can be found here.

  2. Get RealSense calibration parameters:

    Navigate to enumerate-devices


    Run this command to obtain the calibration parameters

    ./rs-enumerate-devices -c
  3. Run ILLIXR with RealSense:

    Uncomment realsense in configs/rt_slam_plugins.yaml and run ILLIXR normally.

    Note: We will release the corresponding #define realsense soon for OpenVINS + Realsense