Record IMU Cam

The purpose of this plugin is to record a dataset, similar to the EuRoC MAV dataset that includes the IMU data and Cam images.

How to record a dataset

In configs/rt_slam_plugins.yaml, uncomment this line:

- path: record_imu_cam/

After recording, the dataset will be stored in the ILLIXR project directory, with the following structure:

    \_ cam0/
        \_ data/ 
            \_ timestamp.png
            \_ ...
        \_ data.csv
    \_ cam1/
        \_ data/
            \_ timestamp.png
            \_ ...
        \_ data.csv
    \_ imu0
        \_ data.csv


  1. cam0/data.csv and cam1/data.csv are both formatted as
    timestamp [ns], timestamp.png
    1. imu0/data.csv is formatted as

      timestamp [ns],w_x [rad s^-1],w_y [rad s^-1],w_z [rad s^-1],a_x [m s^-2],a_y [m s^-2],a_z [m s^-2]

How to rerun recorded dataset

  1. (IMPORTANT) In configs/rt_slam_plugins.yaml, comment this line:

    # - path: record_imu_cam/

  2. In configs/native.yaml (or whatever mode you're running ILLIXR with), add the path of the recorded dataset like so:

    data: data_record
      # subpath: mav0
      # relative_to:
      #  archive_path:
      #    download_url: ''

    Make sure to comment the default EuRoC dataset

  3. In runner/runner/, head toward the function corresponding to the mode with which you want to run ILLIXR, and change the data_path line like so (if run natively, it is this line):

    data_path = pathify(config["data"], root_dir, root_dir / "data_record", True, True)
  4. Make sure other plugins that feed images and IMU are commented, such as offline_cam, offline_imu, zed, and realsense.