Using Switchboard and Phonebook Externally

Switchboard was designed as a self-contained entity from ILLIXR that one can reuse in other projects. The relevant API is here for Switchboard and here for Phonebook.

One simply needs to copy these files, maintaining directory structure.


This will serve as our main.cpp:

#include <iostream>
#include "common/switchboard.hpp"

class service : public ILLIXR::phonebook::service {
    void act() { std::cout << "Hello from service\n"; };

class data : public ILLIXR::switchboard::event {
    data(size_t id_) : id{id_} { }
    size_t id;

int main() {
    ILLIXR::phonebook main_pb;

    // From docs of Switchboard: if first arg is null, logging is disabled.
    // Logging should be disabled if we are running externally.
    ILLIXR::switchboard main_sb {nullptr};
    auto writer = main_sb.get_writer<data>("topic");
    auto reader = main_sb.get_reader<data>("topic");
    std::cout << "The answer to life... is " << reader.get_ro()->id << std::endl;

    return 0;

We use Switchboard and Phonebook with clang 10 or greater, but you can probably make this work in GCC or other compilers as long as they support C++17.

For example:

# Must copy with directory structure
mkdir -p common/concurrentqueue
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/switchboard.hpp common
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/phonebook.hpp common
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/record_logger.hpp common
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/managed_thread.hpp common
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/concurrentqueue/blockingconcurrentqueue.hpp common/concurrentqueue/blockingconcurrentqueue.hpp
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/concurrentqueue/concurrentqueue.hpp common/concurrentqueue/concurrentqueue.hpp
cp path/to/ILLIXR/common/concurrentqueue/lightweightsemaphore.hpp common/concurrentqueue/lightweightsemaphore.hpp
emacs main.cpp # copy and paste from this doc

# This will *probbaly* work with any C++-17 compatible compiler, but I've tested with clang-10.
# Nix is my preferred package manager, but you can use whichever you like.
# This command will not affect system packages, just create a temporary environment with the right clang.
nix-shell -p clang_10

# Compile
clang++ -Wextra -pthread -std=c++17 main.cpp

# Run

The output is:

Register 7service
Hello from service
Creating: topic for 4data
The answer to life... is 42