ILLIXR: Illinois Extended Reality Testbed
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 Cdisplay_paramsDisplay parameters
 Crendering_paramsRendering parameters
 Cmanaged_threadAn object that manages a std::thread; it joins and exits when the object gets destructed
 CphonebookA service locator for ILLIXR
 CserviceA 'service' that can be registered in the phonebook
 CpluginA dynamically-loadable plugin for Spindle
 Crecord_headerSchema of each record
 Cdata_use_indicatorA helper class that lets one dynamically determine if some data gets used
 CrecordThis class represents a tuple of fields which get logged by record_logger
 Crecord_loggerThe ILLIXR logging service for structured records
 Cgen_guidThis class generates unique IDs
 Crecord_coalescerCoalesces logs of the same type to be written back as a single-transaction
 CRelativeClockRelative clock for all of ILLIXR
 CEventA boolean condition-variable
 CStoplightStart/stop synchronization for the whole application
 CswitchboardA manager for typesafe, threadsafe, named event-streams (called topics)
 CeventVirtual class for event types
 Cevent_wrapperHelper class for making event types
 CreaderA handle which can read the latest event on a topic
 CwriterA handle which can publish events to a topic
 CthreadloopA reusable threadloop for plugins
 Cprint_timerLike timer, but prints the output
 CtimerTimer that times until the end of the code block ([RAII])