ILLIXR: Illinois Extended Reality Testbed
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ILLIXR::gen_guid Class Reference

This class generates unique IDs. More...

#include <record_logger.hpp>

Public Member Functions

std::size_t get (std::size_t namespace_=0, std::size_t subnamespace=0, std::size_t subsubnamespace=0)
 Generate a number, unique from other calls to the same namespace/subnamespace/subsubnamepsace.

Detailed Description

This class generates unique IDs.

If you need unique IDs (e.g. for each component), have each component call this class through Phonebook. It returns unique IDs.

You can use namespaces to express logical containment. The return value will be unique between other get calls to the same namespace. This is useful for components and sub-components. For example, If component with ID 0 has 3 subcomponents, one might call get(0) to name each of them. Then, suppose component with ID 1 has 2 subcomponents, one might call get(1) twice to name those. The subcomponent IDs could be reused (non-unique), but tuple (component ID, subcomponent ID) will still be unique. You can also just use the global namespace for everything, if you do not care about generating small integers for the IDs.

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