ILLIXR: Illinois Extended Reality Testbed
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ILLIXR::RelativeClock Class Reference

Relative clock for all of ILLIXR. More...

#include <relative_clock.hpp>

Public Types

using rep = _clock_rep
using period = _clock_period
using duration = _clock_duration

Public Member Functions

time_point now () const
int64_t absolute_ns (time_point relative)
void start ()
 Starts the clock. All times are relative to this point.
bool is_started () const
 Check if the clock is started.
time_point start_time () const
 Get the start time of the clock.

Static Public Attributes

static constexpr bool is_steady = true

Detailed Description

Relative clock for all of ILLIXR.

Please use this instead of std::chrono clocks; this way, you can fake real time without changing your code.

It also eliminates the class of bugs relating to using absolute time instead of time-since-start.

Unfortunately this can't satisfy Clock because it needs to have data (namely _m_start) shared across link-time boundaries. There's no clean way to do this with static variables, so instead I use instance variables and Phonebook.

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